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Procedure for obtaining Financial Assistance
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Where to Approach/Contact

RFC has network of 35 Branch offices, 05 sub offices in all the districts of the State and 07Regional Offices at Regional Headquarters. You may discuss your project with our Branch Managers/Dy.Gen.Managers and submit your application to the concerned Branch in whose jurisdiction you propose to set up your industrial unit. If you feel convenient application can also be submitted directly at H.O. if loan amt. is above Rs. 40 lacs.

How to Apply

We have prescribed following application forms for different types of loans.

General Application Forms

* For loan amount upto Rs. 2.00 lacs
* For loan amount above Rs. 2.00 lacs

Note: These forms are available on Web Site and can be downloaded. Application Form can be submitted to the Office alongwith cost of form besides application fee prescribed hereafter.

Forms for Special Schemes

* For transport loans

* For bridge loans

These forms can be obtained from our Branch Offices.

For Good Borrowers Schemes

* Short-term loan for Good Borrowers

* Working capital term loan.

Note: These forms are available on Web Site and can be downloaded. Application Form can be submitted to the Office along with cost of form besides application fee prescribed hereafter.

* Application form for special purpose WCTL and Gold Card scheme can be obtained from our Branch Offices.

Please ascertain correct application form relating to your project.

Where to obtain forms:

Application forms are available at prescribed prices in all the Branch Offices, Sub-offices and Head Office of the Corporation. It would be better if you discuss your project with our Branch Manager while obtaining the application form.

Application fee

We register your application only if it is accompanied with the required fee calculated on the following scale:

Loan application fee structure w.e.f. 01.06.2004.


(Amount in Rupees)
S.No. Amount of loan applied for Application fee
A On loan applications:  
a) Upto Rs. 25,000/- 25/-
b) From Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- 75/-
c) From Rs. 50,001/- to Rs. 2.00 lacs 300/-
d) From Rs. 2,00,001/- to Rs. 5.00 lac 600/-
e) Exceeding Rs. 5.00 lacs 0.2% ( i.e. Rs. 200 for every lakh of loan applied or part thereof)
B Seed Capital Application 75/-
C For other applications ( e.g. assistance under ERS/ IRBI, underwriting, D.P. Guarantee etc. As per rates applicable on the loan applications i.e. as shown in clause A above.
D In case the concern has applied for loan with a provision of equity by way of public subscription, application fee would be as under:
i) 0.2% of the loan amount.
ii) 0.25% of the public issue amount
E In case of projects received from Banks/FIs for appraisal, the application fee shall be charged @ 0.25% of the project cost.  
F In case of self financed cases for subsidy / any other purpose, the
application fee shall be charged @ 0.25% of the project cost.

1. Except in category (a) and (b) of (A) above, application fee shall be charged 50% in case of technocrats, SC/ST entrepreneurs, physically disabled persons, and women entrepreneur ( for loans upto Rs. 5.0 lacs) if they have approached for grant of loan under the Special Scheme meant for them.

2. It is possible that in some cases RFC may engage services of outside persons/ consultants for obtaining expert advice and report. In such cases any sum paid by the Corporation for such reports if exceeds 0.20% of the project cost, the excess amount shall have to be borne by the party.

3. If amount applied for is enhanced subsequently, additional application fee for enhanced amount (if payable as per schedule ) shall also be collected.

Application's Processing

Your application for assistance will be registered by the Branch of our Corporation. Preliminary processing of your application would be done by the branch which will ensure the availability and accuracy of all documents. If you feel convenient it can also be registered directly at HO in case your application is beyond the delegated powers of sanction of field offices as given below:

At Field Levels:

The Branch Manager/ DGM(Region) have been empowered to decide the loan applications upto the followinhg amount:

Delegation of Sanction powers:


Branch Manager
a) Dy. Manager(Incharge)
b) Manager

Upto Rs. 15.00 lacs
Upto Rs. 25.00 lacs
2 Dy. General Manager (Region) Upto Rs. 40.00 lacs


i) All the cases/ proposals at BO/RO level would be sanctioned by the Competent authority on the recommendations of DLAC/ LAC.
ii) Cost over run upto 20% of the sanctioned amount of loan would be sanctioned ( without changing the level of margin of security and promoter’s contribution) by the respective sanctioning authority over and above the powers delegated for sanction of loan.
iii) The special schemes and GB schemes under which powers have not been delegated to field offices shall continue to be exercised at HO.
iv) The loan for purchase of DG set (upto 250KVA) under DG set scheme shall be sanctioned by the concerned authority within whose jurisdiction total outstanding falls after considering of the said loan.
v) In loan cases of scheme for financial assistance to industrial concern involved in commercial construction activities for development of residential houses/flats/housing complexes, sanctioning authority shall be RO/HO, as per their respective delegation of powers.
vi) In loan cases of schemes for financing against land to SEZ developed by RIICO, sanctioning authority shall be as per their respective delegation of powers.

At HO level:

The powers of sanctioning loan by various authorities at HO have been enhanced to decide the loan applications upto the following amount:

i. General Manager(Loans)                Upto R.75.00 lacs
ii.Executive Director                             Upto Rs.150.00 lacs and full powers under DG set loan scheme
                                                                   exceeding 250 KVA.
iii.Chairman & Managing Director   A. Upto 500.00 lacs including loan under Information                                                                    Technology scheme.
B. Equipment Ref. Scheme                 Full powers.
C. Cost overrun                                     Upto 20% of the sanctioned loan by EC/Board (without                                                                    Change in margin of security).
D. Joint Finance cases appraised    Full powers
by RIICO,All India Financing

iv) Executive Committee                    Full powers for loans above Rs.500.00 lacs (Except joint finance                                                                      cases).

v) Board                                                  Joint finance cases appraised by the Corporation.


1. The CMD is authorised to make need based relaxations in the terms and conditions to all sanctioned cases under various schemes of the Corporation.
2. The loan cases/proposals at HO level would be sanctioned by the competent authority as per the recommendations of PC&CC.
3. Further loan cases may be sanctioned by the sanctioning authority under whose jurisdiction total accomodation falls ie. outstanding against the existing loan plus proposed loan.

Structure of processing charges before conveying sanction advice/ issue of sanction advice w.e.f. 01.06.2004.

I. Processing charges in loans sanctioned cases:

S.No. Amount of loan sanctioned Processing charges
A Upto Rs. 25,000/- NIL
B From Rs. 25,001/- to Rs. 50,00/- 1%
C From Rs. 50,001/- to Rs. 2.0 lacs 1.1%
D From Rs. 2,00,001/- to Rs. 5.00lacs 1.15%
E Exceeding Rs. 5.00 lacs 1.2%

II Processing charges in GB Card Schemes ( Platinum/ Gold/ Silver Card Scheme)

In Good Borrowers Card Schemes ( Platinum/ Gold/ Silver Card Scheme) the processing charges shall not be levied in the cases sanctioned on or after 01.06.204.

Documents required with the Application

Your application and documents enclosed therewith form the basis of our appraisal. Therefore, please ensure that complete documents, information required by us are furnished to us with the loan application itself. For your guidance, an elaborate checklist of the documents/information required by us is given in "ENCLOSURES". Please check and tick this list carefully.

Required Documents

I Documents required with loan application:
(In photostat copies or certified true copies)
i. Documents relating to constitution.
ii. Documents relating to promoters.
iii. Documents relating to the Title of land.
iv. Documents relating to Building.
v. Documents relating to Plant and Machinery.
vi. Sanction/approval/licenses.
vii. Assurances/NOC.
viii. Financial statements.

i. Documents relating to constitution
a. For Partnership Concern
* Partnership Deed.
* Firm Registration Certificate.

b. For Company
* Memorandum and Articles of Association of company.
* Certificate of incorporation.
* Certificate of commencement of business (in case of public limited company).
* Form 32 for change in Directors of the Company, if any.

ii. Documents relating to the title of land

a. For leasehold land
* Letter of allotment of land.
* Lease deed .
* Permission of RIICO for change in constitution/ product, if any.
* Possession Letter.

b. For the agriculture land converted into industrial land
* Sale deed/patta.
* Mutation entry in the revenue records.
* Conversion order.
* Lease Deed.
* Photocopy of Challans for the fees deposited with the revenue authority.
* Trace map.
* Copy of Jamabandi.

c. For Freehold land
* Patta or sale deed in the name of the applicant.
* Patta or sale deed in the name of all previous owner (s).

iii. Documents relating to Building
* Rent Deed (in case the unit is in rented premises).
* Site plan of the land.
* Blueprint of the Building.
* Approval of building plan/Map from local authority if applicable, like hotel, hospital, commercial complexes etc.

iv. Documents relating to Plant and Machinery
* Quotations from suppliers of main P&M.
* Copy of Orders placed for machinery (if already placed).
* List of clients of the plant supplier including details of
clients assisted by Banks/financial institutions. Details
of the plant supplier, if it is new.
* Basis of capacity assessment of the main plant and machinery. (In terms of rated output).

v. Sanction/Approval/Licenses
* Certificate of Registration as Small Scale Unit with the Directorate of Industries/Director General of Technical Development/letter of Intent/Industrial License.
* Approval of local authority for running the industry/ Hotel/Nursing Home & Hospital, if unit is located in areas other than RIICO Industrial Area.
* Import license of machinery to be imported, if applicable.
* Approval/permission from Govt. for Dairy product.
* Approval of Forest and Environment Deptt. in case of Ozone depleting substances.
* Approval from Explosive Deptt. , if applicable.

vi. Assurances/NOC
* From the supplier of raw materials.
* From Vidyut Vitran Prasaran Nigam Ltd. (VVPNL) regarding supply of power.
* NOC from Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board.
* Certificate of categorization of Hotel from Tourism Deptt., Govt. of India, if applicable.
* From any commercial bank for providing need based working capital.

vii. Financial Statements

For all concerns
* Project Report/scheme (Two Copies).
* Statement of profitability and cost of production and cash flow for the loan period.

For running concerns
* Balance sheet for the last three years.
* Profit & loss A/c for the last three years.
* If the Balance sheet and profit & loss a/c are more than six months old, proforma accounts for recent period.
* Statement of production and sales (both in quantity and value) for the last three completed years.
* Statement of production and sales during the current year.

viii. Documents relating to promoters
* List and Bio-data of proprietor/partners/directors showing the name, father's /husband's name, photo,age, address, education, occupation, shareholding share of profit/experience in the specified format.
* Details of Net worth of Individual Promoters in the specified format.
* Affidavit regarding financial assistance availed, if any. (In prescribed format).
* Details of immovable assets of each promoter/ director/ partner. (In prescribed format).
* List of other concerns in which the promoters are interested with nature and extent of interest.
* Copies of balance sheet and profit & loss a/c of the sister concern(s) for the last three years.
* Brief note on the working of each of the above concerns.
* Detailed note on experience of applicant(s).
* Income Tax/Wealth Tax assessment order/return for the last three years in respect of:
Applicant/associated concerns/companies.
* Name and address of Banker's of sister concerns.
* Name and address of banker's where from working capital facilities are to be taken.

Procedure for obtaining Financial Assistance

Your application seeking financial assistance would be registered by the Branch. In case you so desire application can also be received by HO. Once the application is received the same would be preliminary scrutinized and you would be required to appear before the project clearance and consultative committee (PC&CC) at Head Office or Internal Processing Committee (IPC) at Branch Office depending upon quantum of loan. The PC&CC/IPC grants prima facie clearance after discussing the proposal with the promoters to ascertain their capability to set up and run the unit successfully,also ensuring that the proposal is within the parameters of the policy guidelines. A detailed technical and financial appraisal follows and the proposal is submitted to the concerned sanctioning authority. Once the loan is sanctioned, the promoters have to execute the legal documents and submit all the required information/documents, licenses, certificates etc. The entire promoter's contribution has to be raised by the promoters before disbursement commences.

Average time taken for Processing of Loan Application

The applications for loans are normally disposed off within 60 days, however our endeavour is to see that your application is disposed off preferably within 30 days. For this we seek your response and cooperation in furnishing the required documents and replying to our queries quickly.

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