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The Rajasthan Financial Corporation (RFC) was constituted under a notification of the State Government dtd. 17 January, 1955 under the SFCs Act, 1951, for providing long term financial support to tiny, small scale and medium scale industries in the State of Rajasthan.

The Corporation is continuing to work as a Catalyst of development for translating into practice the industrial policies and priorities of the Central and the State Governments as also for providing and improving upon immediate assistance in the planned and balanced development of industries in the State, particularly in the small and tiny sectors.

Since, its very inception, the Rajasthan Financial Corporation has been striving incessantly towards its Goal - that of extending a helping hand to varied entrepreneurial section of society for their financial requirements. A Goal, ultimately aimed at spurring up the process of industrialization of its parent State.

For the fulfillment of its prime objective it operates various loan schemes for the tiny, small and medium scale industries, many of them tailor-made for specific entrepreneurial classes.

Ever prepared to adopt as well as to adapt itself to the changing industrial needs, RFC has over the period, widened its network, multiplied its numerous schemes and added multifold to its policies and incentives, liberalising them with the need of the hour.

Be a party to the grand task of industrialization of the State of Rajasthan and avail of any of our loan schemes.

* Organisational Set up
* The spread
* The Services rendered
* What is an industrial concern ?
* Industries Eligible for Assistance

Organisational Set up

The general superintendence, direction and management of the affairs and business of the Corporation vests with the Board of Directors, consisting of representatives of the State Government, SIDBI, Public Sector Banks, LIC, Insurance companies and other Institutions owned and controlled by Central Govt./ State Govt. and other genuine share holders. The policies of the Corporation are executed by the Chairman & Managing director aided by Executive Director, General Managers, Dy.General Managers & Departmental heads in HO. Zonal Manager, Dy. General Managers (Region) and Branch Managers in the field.

The Spread

The Corporation has expanded into 35 territorial Branches and 7 Regional Offices in 32 Districts of the State. These Branches are duly equipped to function as entrepreneurial guidance centers and exercise considerable delegated authority in regard to sanction, documentation and disbursement of financial assistance.

The Corporation has established a Business Promotion Cell and an entrepreneurs Guidance Cell at HO which provides assistance and guidance to the entrepreneurs.

Services Rendered

The Corporation grants term loan upto Rs. 1000 lacs to limited companies and Co-operative societies and upto Rs. 200 lacs to proprietory and partnership concerns.

Existing industries having Net Worth upto Rs. 10.00 Crores (paid up capital + Free reserve) are eligible for financial assistance under the provisions of the SFC's Act.

The Corporation also provides short term line of credit facilities to good borrowers for acquiring fixed assets and to meet out their working capital requirements.

What is an Industrial Concern ?

"Industrial concern' means any concern engaged or to be engaged in :
* The manufacture, preservation or processing of goods.
* Mining or development of mines.
* The hotel industry.
* The transport of passengers or goods by roads or by water or by air, or by ropeway or by lift.
* The generation or distribution of electricity or any other form of power.
* The maintenance, repair, testing or servicing of machinery of any description of vehicles or vessels or motorboat or trailers or tractors.
* Assembling, repairing or packing any article with the aid of machinery or power.
* The setting up or development of an industrial area or industrial estate.
* Fishing or providing shore facilities for fishing or maintenance thereof.
* Providing weighing bridge facilities.
* Providing engineering, technical, financial, management, marketing or other services or facilities for industry.
* Providing medical, health or other allied services.
* Providing software or hardware services relating to information technology, telecommunications or electronics including satellite linkage and audio or visual cable communication.
* Setting up or development of tourism related facilities including amusement parks, convention centers, restaurants, travel and transport (including those at airports), tourist services agencies and guidance and counselling services to the tourists.
* Construction.
* Development, maintenance and construction of roads.
* Providing commercial complex facilities and community centres including conference halls.
* Floriculture.
* Tissue culture, fish culture, poultry farming, breeding and hatcheries.
* Service industry, such as altering, ornamenting, polishing, finishing, oiling, washing, cleaning or otherwise treating or adapting any article or substance with a view to its use, sale, transport delivery or disposal.
* Research and development of any process or product in relation to any of the matters aforesaid.
* Such other activity as may be approved by the SIDBI.

Explanation-I: The expression processing of goods includes any art or process for producing, preparing or making an article by subjecting any material to a manual, mechanical,chemical electrical, or any other like operation.

Explanation-II: If any doubt arises as to whether a concern is an industrial concern or not, the same shall be referred to the Development Bank for its decision and the decision of the Development Bank thereon shall be final.

Industries Eligible for Assistance

In addition to the activities narrated above, the financial assistance is also made available by the Corporation for the following activities which have been approved by IDBI under the provisions of Section 2(c) (XIII) of the SFC's act.

* Acquiring Electro-medical equipment for professional use by medical practitioner.
* Hospitals and Nursing Homes.
* Hotels, Restaurants and tourism related activities.
* Setting up consultancy ventures by qualified professionals.
* Quality control facilities.
* Service Industries like Washing, Cleaning, Ornamenting etc.
* Providing engineering, technical, financial management, marketing or other services or facilities for industry.
* Providing medical, health or other allied services.
* The research and development of any concept, technology, design process or product.
* Development, maintenance and construction of roads.
* Construction of commercial complexes, sales outlets and show rooms and community centers (including marriage halls) as a part of the hotel business.
* All activities related to information technology sector including Cyber Cafe E-telecommunication portal services etc.

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